By: Ashley Marquez

I usually introduce the bingo board during morning meeting. We talk about ways we can earn a bingo piece as a class.. working together, staying on task, participating, transitioning quickly, etc. We decide on what prize we would want to earn as a class! Throughout the day when I see our class doing something to earn a piece for the board I pull it from a small pail near the white board or have a student do it for us! 

They love seeing what piece we pulled and seeing how close we are to earning a bingo. It’s an exciting and FREE tool to help with classroom management – that the students truly enjoy!


Every class bingo theme includes:
-6 Ready to use bingo boards with editable prize space:
      -classroom bingo
      -transitions bingo
      -homework bingo
      -kindness bingo
      -teamwork bingo
      -participation bingo
-Blank editable bingo board to add your own topic
-5 Classroom bingo boards with ready to go prizes filled in
-Bingo pieces
-How to use