End of the Year Organization


There is no tired like end of the year teacher tired. So I’m here to give you a few tips on how to end the school year ORGANIZED so you can enjoy your summer off!

Tip #1: Tackle that Mountain of Papers

Are you still hanging on to that activity you wanted to do with your kids, but just didn’t get around to it? Recycle it. You won’t use it next year.  Have a mountain of master copies that never got filed back into cabinets or binders? Have a parent volunteer or student helper sort those for you. If your students aren’t sure how to organize them, simply have them sort the master copies by subject (math, language arts, etc). That can help you save some time at the end of the year!

Tip #2: Sharpen Pencils NOW

I don’t know about you, but sharpening pencils at the beginning of the school year is tedious. That time spent standing over the sharpener could have been better spent on another BTS activity or planning. That’s why I have helpers toss any pencils that can’t be used again and sharpen tons of them for next year’s class. Students love to be helpful, and you save yourself some more time! It’s a win-win. If I can’t find any students or parent volunteers to do this for me, I still do it in June rather than August. Ain’t nobody got time to sharpen 100 pencils during BTS prep!

Tip #3: Give Your Students Jobs

My students LOVE helping. I think most kids really like to feel like they are special helpers. What better way to channel that positive energy than to give students special end of the year jobs! The day before our last day together, I have a list of must dos that get checked off and completed. For example, students help me file any papers that need to go home before summer break, check to make sure all my pens are working, check glue sticks to make sure none of them are dried out or missing caps, etc. The list is long, but they are eager to help out! Below are some of my must dos you can have your  kids help with too!

  • sharpen pencils

  • check/test dry erase markers

  • check/test flair pens

  • organize student library by book genre/level

  • clean math manipulatives with a wet wipe

  • clean white boards

  • organize construction paper by color

  • clean tables/desks with a wet wipe (inside and out)

  • take any tape off of desks

Tip #4: Prep BTS Materials NOW

There are always a few copies you can make at the end of the school year that’ll help lessen the workload when you return. I like to prep some of the basic BTS documents I hand out at BTSN or first week of school paper for parents. That way, I’m not worried about forgetting to send something really important home. It’s already prepped and ready to be distributed.

You can find these  forms  in my shop by clicking on any of the images!

You can find these forms in my shop by clicking on any of the images!


Those are just a few tasks that can save you TONS of time this summer. That way when you return to school for the following year, you won’t sweat the small stuff! It’ll all be done for you. :)

Do you have any great end of the year tips for me? I’d love to hear all about them!