Field Trip Kits


By: Aris Rossi

Field trips….the BEST part of teaching! I personally LOVE going on field trips with my students, but they can be super stressful if you aren’t fully prepared for everything. Today I’ll be sharing with you one way I help ease my field trip anxiety with chaperone field trip kits!

Here’s how to make your own kits! You’ll need:

  • gallon Ziploc bags

  • travel tissue packs

  • Band-aids

  • Wet wipes

  • travel sized hand sanitizer

  • sweet treat for your chaperone :)

I like to add extra info like our schedule or group names to each kit…you never know!


Once you have all your supplies, just add them to a gallon bag and ta-da! You’ve just become the most organized teacher on a field trip! You are so ready to tackle this day!


What are some ways you stay organized for field trips? What are your tricks or tips? Would you like to use these kit labels and kit templates for your next field trip? Just drop your name and personal email address in the contact box and I’ll send them over to you right away into your inbox!