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Gerry Brooks is an elementary school principal turned YouTube celebrity who entertains K-12 teachers, administrators, and parents across the country. He tells jokes with the kind of mocking humor that gets a laugh, yet can be safely shared in school. After all, even great schools have bad days -- when lesson plans fall through, disgruntled parents complain, kids throw temper tantrums because they have to use the same spoon for their applesauce and mashed potatoes, and of course, dealing with...The Horror! The Horror!...dreaded assessments. Ranging from practical topics like social media use in the class­room and parent-teacher conferences to more lighthearted sections such as "Pickup and Dropoff: An Exercise in Humanity" and "School Supplies: Yes, We Really Need All That Stuff," Go See the Principal offers comic relief, inspiration, and advice to those who need it the most.

A Guide to Empower Educators - In Order to Empower Us All.

What People are Saying

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Stop 🛑 what you are doing and go read this book! It should be gifted to every parent with a child entering kindergarten and every new teacher! So much truth is spoken within the pages of this book with humor sprinkled throughout 💕




Your laughter

could keep your kids awake at night!


What an inspiration! Gerry Brooks hits the nail on the head every time when it comes to the educational environment! Hilarious!

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