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What are people saying about Go See the Principal: True Tales from the School Trenches?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Go See the Principal: True Tales from the School Trenches

Summary of Reviews

In his book Go See the Principal: True Tales from the School Trenches, Gerry Brooks is averaging a 97% where customer reviews are concerned – a solid A+!

Let’s look at what some of the most helpful Amazon reviews are saying about Gerry’s book!

With a 4 star rating that 24 people marked as being “helpful”, one user writes:

Go See The Principal has some great advice and insight from an administrator that's been in education for many years. I could see pre-service teachers reading this as a part of their college curriculum and finding it very meaningful … Gerry Brooks has received some acclaim because of his YouTube videos he has created along with the motivational speaking he now does on the subject of education. The portions of this book that included his humor were fantastic. I found myself chuckling while reading these parts of the book, and wanting to watch some of his videos myself. Go See The Principal is certainly worth reading, especially for those new to education or for parents who truly want to understand the thought processes that go into the decisions teachers and administrators make.

With a 5 star review that 16 people found helpful, another user writes:

Totally fell in love with this book! I love Gerry's honesty. I love that he is saying things that I have either said myself or heard other educators say. I love that he speaks to parents, teachers, and administrators. This book is pretty much written for everyone who wants to improve their life! I have been reading parts of this book to my two boys. They were laughing so hard last night when I was reading…

… I underlined so many parts and highlighted so many great points that I want to keep in mind while performing the role of an administration. Most of all, I want to remember to support my teachers and value their feedback. (Totally stole that from Gerry. Seems simple - but those two items are left out of so many schools.)

Another 5-star review from one of Amazon’s top reviewers writes:

… This one is just what a new teacher should read. It covers a lot of things; but in a funny way…I just wish I had this prior to retiring…. Gerry takes information he learned in his years as a teacher and now as a principle and creates things that help make a teacher stronger and a principal look better. His primary interest, however, is the success of the students and the teachers. He has also included some suggestions from other teachers from other grade levels. This makes the book good for all levels of teaching. I suggest this book be one that new teachers and returning teachers read prior to returning to school in the fall…It would also be good for a book study or a book club.

Most other 5-star reviews call Go See the Principal a “must read” for anyone involved in education in any way, from parents to teachers to administrators. Many appreciate Gerry’s perspective and honesty, stating that he “just gets it.” Multiple reviews mention appreciation for Gerry’s humor, stating that it is important to remember to approach education this way, always being able to laugh at the end of the day. This book is touted as being easy to read and unable to be put down – a much sought after characteristic for authors that is also known as being “unputdownable.”

Lots of readers claim to want Gerry as their own principal after reading this book – and with this on your bookshelf, you can consider yourselves officially colleagues! Readers who are not educators note that this book helps them understand the issues that educators face today – a mission based in communication that has been attempted and abandoned by many in the name of remaining professional.

The bottom line here is that Gerry tells his truth, and truth told from personal experience cannot be argued with. Rather, it can be processed and used as a learning tool. In everything he does for the world of education, Gerry Brooks is a teacher at heart, and what his book Go See the Principal: True Tales from the School Trenches has done is, to put it simply, taught yet another invaluable lesson.

To purchase your copy, click HERE!

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