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Pumpkin Carvin' Giveaway!

Have y'all seen that show on Food Network called Outrageous Pumpkins?!?

It is such a great show! If you haven't seen it, you need to check it out! These people are so talented at making a pumpkin look like a monster straight out of a Hollywood horror film!

I mean... take a lot at these...

Aren't they somethin' else?!?

Anyway... My family LOVES to carve pumpkins every year.

Just a heads up... ours are WAY more awesome and intricate than the ones pictured above, but we are super humble so we don't like to gloat about it too much, you know.

Check out ours!!

Can you guess which one is my favorite? :P

I want to see YOUR pumpkin carvin' creations!!

And to make things even more fun... let's make this a giveaway!!

Upload a picture of your pumpkin in the comments below, and my family will select our FIVE favorite, and feature them in an upcoming email... and those FIVE people will win a free T-shirt from our shop!!

Best of luck!!!

*Note - In order to upload an image in the comments section, first create a free login to my website.


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Jill Hudak
Jill Hudak
Oct 26, 2021

This was my entry for our school pumpkin decorating contest! I love penguins!


Aunt Dawn’s cute-sie vampire pumpkin

and Bubba’s scary spider pumpkin are a match made in heaven!


Justin Holmes
Justin Holmes
Oct 26, 2021

From left to right: Teacher, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Principal, and School Counselor


We have a lot of Braces in 4th grade this year!

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