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10 Simple Ways to Make a Co-Worker’s Day

Gratitude goes a long way in making your co-workers feel valued, and respected. Showing gratitude does not have to be complex or expensive. Here are some simple ways to make a co-worker’s day:


Grab their favorite drink for them in the morning. Whether it’s a coffee, or a soda from the vending machine, surprise caffeine will help start their day on a positive note!


Pick up one of their bus duty, or recess duty, shifts if you can!


Have your class write them a letter or create a card. Your student’s kind words and colorful drawings will lift their spirits.


Create an appreciation board in the teacher’s lounge, so everyone can show each other appreciation. Start the board off by leaving your appreciation for a co-worker first!


Send out an email shout-out praising their class, or an event that they’ve planned. They will appreciate their hard work being recognized.


During your plan time, check to see if they need a bathroom break. Even if they don’t, the thought, alone, will show them that you are thinking of them.


Take time to check in and chat with them about their school day. The opportunity to vent about the day helps to alleviate stress.


Leave home baked treats in the teacher’s lounge. Baked goods always improve moods!


Decorate your door with encourage notes, or quotes, that they can take when they need to feel uplifted.

Deliver small candy bars to their mailboxes as a fun surprise. Everyone always appreciates chocolate!

There are many ways to show gratitude to your co-workers, and we'd love to hear some of your ideas! Leave us a comment below! By spreading joy to others, you are helping to foster an environment that is encouraging and joyful at your school. Your simple gesture will go a very long way in easing the stress that your co-workers might be feeling, and will help you build lasting relationships!

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