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School's Out - T-Shirt Giveaway!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED. The winners have been picked!!!

Y'all.. It was again, EXTREMELY difficult to pick 10 people from this giveaway because every single post and tip was ermazing!

The ten educators that we selected are:

  • meghan.dandrea

  • ginner06

  • Shadra Tomei

  • Jaslinepace

  • Shanna

  • Senora Cervera ella, su, la

  • Tracy.schutte

  • tmbanks

  • stephanie.sanders

  • valeriesvoboda

And for our additional Social Media winners, we have:

  • Amanda Jekel Petrovic

  • Tasha Wood

Congrats! If you are one of these 12 erducators, please email us at, with your shirt size, and your shipping address, along with the name or username you used to make your post please.

For everyone else, please be sure to check back often, as we plan on hosting giveaways here often!

Thanks again for participating!

-Original Post/Giveaway closed-

Hey Erducators! Remember when we said to check back often cause we plan on doing shirt giveaways often? ... We are super serious about that!!

Welcome to our latest shirt giveaway!!

Entering is super simple!

  1. Give this Blog Post a "LIKE" a.k.a. "Press that Heart Button Below!"

  2. Leave a comment on this blog post sharing THREE summer-related Teacher Tips! We want to read all of the great tips and surjestions you have to share with the rest of us!!! These can be about ANYTHING. Some examples include (Places to visit during the summer, savings tips, easy recipe ideas, great summer P.D., ways to relax, places to eat, places to take children, etc.) Like we said... can be ANYTHING!

  3. (Optional) Share this post on any social media platform with the hashtag #gerrybrooksgiveaway. We will select 2 additional winners randomly from these posts!

Be sure to check back on June 11th to see if you are one of our winners!!!

Good luck!!

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댓글 58개

I can't wait to see what amazing teacher's won! I read everyone's post and everyone had some amazing, awesome ideas for this summer. Fellow teacher's and educators just remember to continue to relax after this extremely hard school year and take a little bit of everyone's advice into consideration 😊 I know I did. I took my own advice and took my family to the beach.


2021년 6월 05일
  1. Take time for yourself at least once a week doing something you love that makes you happy.

  2. Spend some time with family and friends! During the school year it is easy to get swamped with lesson plans etc. Take time in the summer to spend time with friends and family while we can.

  3. Take a trip. Either somewhere near or far. Just take some time to get away.


  1. Make sure to take time for you.

  2. Spend good quality time with those you love and even some you like lol.

  3. Regroup and get refocused to remember why we do what we do.


•Relax •Reset



  1. take time to recharge- sleep, eat, pray, etc.

  2. turn off your school emails on your phone

  3. don’t commit to do extra work that doesn’t benefit you during your off months... teachers need this time to forget so we can begin again fresh next year

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