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T-Shirt Giveaway!!!

Updated: May 24, 2021


GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED. The winners have been picked!!!

It was EXTREMELY difficult to pick 10 people from this giveaway because every single post was incredible! Y'all are so sweet and had the kindest things to say about the amazing teacher besties you have by your side!!!

The ten educators that we selected are:

  • Allison Hartraft

  • Roxanne Bravo

  • Miaew2

  • Jillian Whitley

  • phayes

  • meaux4u2c

  • rstilwell

  • liath_kinabaki

  • Amy Lambert

  • Carol Furchert

Congrats! If you are one of these 10 educators, please email us at, with you and your teammate(s) mentioned in your comment's shirt sizes, and your shipping address, along with the name or username above so we can reference your blog comment.

For everyone else, please be sure to check back often, as we plan on hosting giveaways here often!

Thanks again for participating!

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